The prerequisite to attend online tutoring is to have the Personal Computer/ Lap top with the following configuration and accessories:

  1. Initially, after registration, when the student logs in for the first time, the assessment test in the subject he is registered for will automatically be in place for him to take.
  2. The results of this initial assessment test are sent to the Academic Director, Program Director and assigned tutor for evaluation and review.
  3. Informal assessment tests and quizzes are given throughout the course of tutoring, so that Tutors can monitor the progress that the student is making.
  4. Using the virtual whiteboard workspace both tutor and student draw and write to share problems, solutions and explanations, and work with simulations and animations to maximize learning.
  5. There are also practice tests and worksheets, which are all made available to the student to continue the learning process even when the student is not in a tutoring session.
  6. We also have homework help, which simply involves selecting “homework help” after you log on. From there, you will follow instructions to upload your homework, and have a response.

Minimum Requirements

  1. Pentium dual core or above or equivalent
  2. Minimum 2 gb RAM (memory)
  3. Internet connectivity with 3Mbps minimum (lower bandwidths works but not clearly)
  4. Speakers / Head Phones
  5. Microphone
  6. Web camera – optional
  7. Browsers: Firefox, explorer, google Chrome etc